2001/2002 Events

September 2001

PR Does Not Stand for Press Release

Roberta Carlton
Director of Public Relations, PTC (Parametric Technology Corp)

In her talk, PR Director Roberta Carlton taught us how we can employ standard PR strategies, tactics and techniques to further our goals, whether we are small business owners, consultants ot workers at a larger organization.


October 2001

The Work-Life Balance Challenge - A Panel Discussion

Ginny Rehberg, Moderator
WBZ-TV's Career Doctor

A joint program with PMI, Project Management Institute-Mass Bay Chapter.


November 2001

Creative Thinking to Keep You Professional Edge

Iris Stammberger
President and CEO, Iris Stammberger Associates

Iris introduced the central characteristics of the human interactions that lead to the creation of individual knowledge – what we call creativity – and of socially shared knowledge – what we call innovation. With practical examples drawn from her own experience with clients, Iris explained how language, emotions and intuitions weave a triple helix of creativity and how this helix can be affected by different techniques she shared with the group during her talk. At the end of the talk, the participants had a list of principles and techniques that can support innovation at their organizations.

Iris Stammberger is the president and CEO of Iris Stammberger Associates, a knowledge creation firm which specializes in coaching and facilitating innovation and creativity processes in organizations. Iris’s work is based on ITZnovation™, a proprietary methodology for the creation of learning and innovative human environments she developed while working as an international consultant in rapidly changing economies and through her scholarly research as a member of Tufts University Developmental Science Group. Iris has degrees in engineering, psychology and is a practicing scholar in the area of knowledge creation.


December 2001

Networking, Career Advice and More!

Sally Jablon Silver
Founder and CEO, The Sally Silver Companies,
Permanent Placement and Contract Services for the High Technology Industry.

Sally shared her insights and gave pointers on creating a powerful resume and conducting a successful job search in the current down market.

Sally Silver Companies provide critical skills and talented people to meet contemporary software development challenges. Sally Silver Permanent Placement and Contract Services find Developers, Quality Engineers, Technical Managers and Product Managers to develop Software Products and Solutions on a Permanent or Contract basis, to meet specific company goals. The Sally Silver Companies provide premium staffing services to hundreds of companies and thousands of software professionals each year.


January 2002

A.S.E. - Attitude, Skills and Environment - the HR of IT

Kelly Heitmann
CIO/VP of Technology, Edwards Systems Technology

The Association for Women in Computing, Boston Chapter, kicked off the New Year with a presentation by Kelly Heitmann, CIO and Vice President of Technology at Edwards Systems Technology, who shared personal experiences and her formula to success as a woman in computing to help participants learn how to protect and advance their career and to find job satisfaction.   

February 2002 Security on the Web

Torsten Guttenberger
Principal Security Analyst, RSA Security Inc.

Are you unknowingly risking your privacy and making personal information available online?  Torsten Guttenberger, Computer Security Engineer with RSA Security presented practical information all web users need to manage privacy and safeguard their personal information without giving up the power and convenience of the Internet.. This meeting provided an eye opening view of consumer security on the web. 


March 2002

Computer Animation for Technical Communications

Karen Panetta, Ph.D.
Professor, Tufts University

the latest graphic techniques in technical communication, including 2-D and 3-D computer animations, are becoming increasingly popular and necessary in technical businesses to present, visualize and analyze complex scientific and engineering topics. Professor Karen Panetta discussed computer animation and graphic development, and demonstrated manipulation of scanned images, storyboarding, video production, and CD-Rom technology.  


April 2002

Career Networking for the Technical Professional: The "How To" Course

Sarah Cardozo-Duncan
Career Strategist

Do you hate "networking"?  Do you cringe when you have to speak at a meeting or give a presentation?  Do you avoid situations where you have to call someone you don't know - or even someone you haven't spoken to in a while? You know you have to have visibility in your profession and keep up your contacts, but...  Why does it have to be so impossible?  

Sarah Cardozo-Duncan explained how to manage this crucial career-building skill.  She has spent seven years working with all levels of professionals in many different industries.  She has a special understanding for women in technology.  She has her own business as a career counselor and is currently president of The Alliance of Business and Professional Women's Organizations (www.womensalliance.org).


May 2002

Is LINUX In Your Life? -- IF Not, Should It Be?

Jaqui Lynch
President, Circle4 Consulting

The buzz about LINUX continues to grow. Is now the time to get on the LINUX bandwagon and get that training you've been thinking about? We heard the pros and cons of this open source star from system expert Jaqui Lynch.

June 2002

E-Mail - Technology Challenge & Career Opportunity

Nanette DeFeo-Longley
Director - Electronic Messaging & Collaborative Computing
FleetBoston Financial

E-mail--we can't live without it.  But have you ever pondered the changing technology and customer satisfaction challenges of dealing with the ever increasing volume of e-mail?  Nanette DeFeo Longley, Director of Electronic Messaging and Collaborative Computing, FleetBoston Financial, meets these challenges daily in a large multi-national corporate environment. She shared her insights and expertise on rapidly changing e-mail technology and the career opportunities surrounding this technology. Ms DeFeo Longley also explored the opportunities and challenges that companies and technology professionals face to provide satisfactory customer and user experiences in the e-mail world.

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