Interested to join the AWC? Here are few words from the AWC members:

"Being a volunteer for the AWC Executive Board has been an awesome experience for me. I've learned a great deal both on a professional and personal level, along with meeting some very wonderful people."
Susu Wong

"I joined AWC/GBC in November 1995 after attending just my first meeting there. I immediately felt welcomed and part of the family. Furthermore, I was encouraged to participate both at the local and national level. I joined the GBC board of directors first working on the newsletter, followed by Program Director, Vice-President, and President for 3 years. I joined the national board of directors in late 1996 as one of the AWC representatives to the Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals. This allowed me the opportunity to serve on the board of directors of another international nonprofit organization and to be elected to their executive board, having served 2 years as Secretary, one year as Vice-President and currently on my second year as President. My involvement on these board has provided me 5 ( of the required 20 ) professional development units per year towards my re-certification requirements for my PMP. AWC has enabled and encouraged me to achieve leadership positions that otherwise would not have been available to me."
Jacqueline S. Luciano

"AWC colleagues provide each other with thoughtful, constructive feedback in an atmosphere with no "office politics". This makes a great environment to nurture your strengths, to conquer your weaknesses, and to grow both professionally and personally."
Bonnie Sherwood

"As I've moved from classes in computers to several jobs involving computers one item has remained constant. The ratio of women to men has remained pretty constant at 1 to 5. AWC is the one place I can come and know that everyone there is living and working in the same field under the same conditions. For me, this creates an immediate bond with my fellow members. The computer field is one of the few where it's less who you are than what you can do. It's my privilege to be part of the effort of supporting my fellow women in the computer field to do and be the best that they can."
Miriam Boucher

"I joined the AWC/GBC several years ago while employed at a major computer company as an administrative assistant. As an end-user of computer equipment and components (hardware, software, firmware, etc.), being a member of AWC/GBC has given me a better understanding of the technical aspects involved in overall development, design, testing and use of computers. Equally important is the opportunity to meet new professionals, increase my contact network, learn about new, state-of-the-art equipment and services to help all of us enhance our skills in this information age."
Deena Segal

"I love the feeling of walking into technical session and finding it all or mostly women! And I love having professional conversations with people who aren't trying to one-up me, talk down to me, or otherwise exercise their ego at my expense."
Suford Lewis

"I enjoy netwoking with AWC members about career and technical topics. I also learn something new and interesting from the presenters at the monthly dinners."
Bobbie Myles

"I enjoy attending the AWC events, because I have opportunities to meet friendly, unique, and brilliant people. It's inspiring to learn different aspects of life as well as technologies. Thank you very much for a power of friendship."
Emiko Hori

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